HUGE BB14 Spoiler: A Houseguest Has Left the Game!

***Warning: Spoilers ahead, do not read if you want to be surprised***

We’ve posted about it for over a week now, and today it all came to a head.  Willie has been a loose cannon who couldn’t control his mouth and played the game way too hard way too fast.  When the tables turned and Frank won HOH last night, Willie was already showing the signs of flipping out and not being able to handle the revenge that was coming his way.

Today was the big coach’s competition where the winner would either get to trade a player or keep one of their players safe.  Word is that Janelle won the competition and placed Willie and his allies Shane and JoJo on the block.  This was the final straw for Willie, as we briefly saw him on the live feeds storming around the house cussing and claiming people were taking things he did out on JoJo and Shane, and that he was about to make it right.  For the next few hours, the feeds were down and there was much speculation that more than just nominations were going on.

As it turns out, Willie is indeed GONE from Big Brother 14.  Apparently he just flat out quit, and is not gone from the house and out of the game.  Of course this left Shane and JoJo to be nominated which totally screwed them over.  Willie leaving opens up a ton of possibilities as far as the game goes.  Will Kara be brought back?  Will the coaches indeed be brought into the game since there are only 9 players remaining as of now?  All of this is the talk of the house right now, so there’s no better time to get a free 3 day trial of the live feeds Here so you can follow it all live!  One thing is for sure, Willie will always be remembered now as the Chima of Big Brother 14!

**Update – According to the talk in the HOH room, Willie threw pork rinds at Janelle and headbutted Joe 4 times…….hence he was ejected from the house**

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    That family shows poor gamesmanship. His bro gonna kill him!