Breaking: BB14’s Willie Hantz Arrested

BB14 Willie Hantz ArrestedWell this has to be the icing on the cake as far as Willie Hantz’s week has gone.  As we reported here just last week, Willie was evicted from the BB14 house due to his violent outburst.  Now Willie is sitting in jail due to being arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana.  After Willie exited the house, the other houseguests quickly speculated on his problems and if they might be alcohol related.  It seems like whatever Willie’s problems are, they are continuing outside the house.

Willie has received some support online since some people feel that he kept the house exciting and really felt for him, but this arrest really shows how out of control this guy is.  It’s doubtful that we will ever see Willie on another CBS show ever again, but we may keep seeing him in headlines if he keeps up this reckless behavior.  It will be interesting to see if Willie causes CBS to really tighten up on who they cast to avoid such loose cannons in the future.

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