BB14 Update: JoJo Evicted, Shane New HOH, and a New Twist!

The Big Brother 14 game keeps on shifting in ways that keeps every week unpredictable.  Last week it was Frank winning HOH just after coming off the block and shifting the power back to his side of the house, this week it was Shane winning HOH which is a major shake up since he is seemingly alone in the house.

JoJo was evicted from the game last night, with Shane being her only vote in the house.  With JoJo gone, Shane was pretty much on his own going into the HOH competition which was a bigger version of the hockey game the house had been practicing.  Shane pulled out the win which of course thrilled Britney since he is her only remaining player.  It’s not clear who he will put up yet, but there’s no doubt they will be taking aim and Janelle and/or Boogie’s teams since they both still have 3 players.

The other big game changer that was announced is that America gets to vote on on whether you think the coaches should be given the opportunity to enter the game as players.  This will be a HUGE twist as you will have some of the most ruthless players in Big Brother history suddenly in the game, which is a whole different story compared to what they’ve been doing as coaches.  The question is would any of the coaches opt to remain a coach?  For Dan and Britney it wouldn’t make sense since they are down to one player each, so they may as well take that 1 shot at the $500,000. 

Things are about to get VERY interesting in the Big Brother house because it’s almost a lock that the coaches will choose to come into the game.  If so, these nice version of Boogie and Janelle will most likely turn into their classic characters that brought chaos to the Big Brother house.  The coach’s competition and nominations will be up next, we will keep you posted on where things go next!