BB16 Double Eviction Recap and Spoilers on the New HOHs

**Warning – This post contains spoilers**
Big Brother 16 Double Eviction Results

As expected, it was a wild night in the Big Brother house as the first double eviction episode of the season caused some much needed chaos.  As mentioned earlier, the house flipped and decided to keep Zach which set up a blindside situation on Nicole/Hayden/Jocasta/Donny since they were told Zach was going out.

The blindside worked as the other side had no idea when the vote went down and Jocasta was the one evicted.  The night moved on quickly to the first HOH competition of the night and Caleb ended up being the winner, he then nominated Donny and Hayden for eviction. 

In another pretty shocking performance, Donny won POV yet again and removed himself from the block.  Caleb kept the attack going on the other side of the house by nominating Nicole as Donny’s replacement.  Then in the second eviction of the night, Hayden was voted out and will join Jocasta as the second houseguest in the jury house.  One thing to keep in mind is that Julie let Hayden know that he might have a shot to get back in the game, which probably means they’ll be giving a jury member the chance to return to the game like last year.

Since the exit of both Jocasta and Hayden on tonight’s episode, the houseguests have played another HOH competition which crowned the 2 new HOHs for the week, and in another twist that adds to this already crazy night, Nicole and Christine are the new HOHs for the week!

With Nicole on the warpath after seeing her closest ally blindsided and sent packing, she will undoubtedly be aiming to extract revenge on those she feels are responsible.  Christine on the other hand is stuck in a tough spot, because her lying has been exposed and hardly anyone in the house trusts here so it should be interesting to see who she targets.

It’s going to be an interesting week now that we finally have some battle lines drawn; here’s to hoping the excitement keeps up after we’ve had a rather dull season with most everyone getting along for the most part.