BB14 Live Feed Update: Wild Night of Drinking, Kissing, and Streaking!

BB14 Live Feed PartyIt was a crazy night in the Big Brother house over the weekend, with the houseguests having what was probably the most wild party in years.  As seen on the CBS show, Dan won a sushi party for his chosen group that included the coaches, HOH Shane, and Danielle.  On top of that it was Wil’s birthday, so the house was in full on party mode.  It was apparent from the get go judging by some of the houseguests attire (Wil and Ian in their underwear, Jenn in a ringmaster outfit, Boogie dressed like some sort of pimp etc.)

The festivities began with everyone doing shots of wine (hey, it’s all they had to work with) which carried on into a game of “spin the bottle.”  This lead to some interesting moments as we got to see Shane finally kiss Danielle, Boogie have a near make out session with Ashley, and even Ian getting a much less involved kiss from Ashley.  Come to think of it Ashley kissed almost everyone in the house!  There were some girl on girl kissing involving Jenn and Janelle and then Britney and Ashley, but they were more “all in fun” innocent kisses.

On top of all that craziness we also got another streak from Ian, who covered his “manhood” with a hat once again, but everyone including Showtime got an eye full this time around.  Then it was Wil’s turn as he stripped down to his birthday suit and streaked all the way to the pool.  Wil also used a hat to cover his junk, so it makes us wonder if the DR is telling them they want to stay R rated at least without any full on penis shots. 

This was definitely the epitome of the uncensored craziness you can see on the live feeds.  The producers had to take note that giving them alcohol can turn things into a wild party on any given night.  If you haven’t already be sure to click here for a 3 day free trial of the feeds and see for yourself!  Below are some highlights from the wild BB14 birthday party: