Week 3 POV Spoilers: Huge Move Made!

***Warning: Spoilers ahead, do not read if you want to be surprised***

Last night on the CBS episode, we saw Shane shake things up by nominating the unlikely duo of Ashley and Joe.  Many felt this was Shane’s chance to nominate Frank, but he decided not to in order to keep his word with Frank.  Well Shane ended up winning the POV yet again, leaving all the power in his hands this week.

Since then there has been a LOT of talk in the house as usual this season, with Joe even pleading his case to the point of tears.  Of course he ran to Janelle immediately after to inform her of his performance.  Janelle has masterminded a lot of these actions and in the end Shane was somehow convinced to use the POV on Ashley, and put up Frank while he has the chance to take him out.  This is a major move that will take out one of the biggest threats in the game if it works out.

This move came as a huge surprise to team Boogey, who figured they were working with Shane and everything was good.  Frank is going to have to go into his mega social mode to save himself, but the battle lines have now clearly been drawn.  Many fans were slapping their own heads over the fact that Shane wasn’t taking Frank out while he had the chance, but as it turns out he may just end up doing that. 

The vibe in the house has definitely shifted from the fun had during the party over the weekend.  Half the house ran upstairs after the veto due to fear of Frank flipping out.  So far he’s kept his cool but him OR Boogie could go off at any minute.  Follow it all as it happens on the live feeds.

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