Live Feed Update: Ongoing HOH Competition

As seen on tonight’s CBS show, the first HOH endurance competition for Big Brother 14 is underway!  This is going to be an intense battle especially now that the coaches are involved!  This could go well into the night, and the live feeds are the only place to watch the rest of the competition as it happens!

The winner of tonight’s competition will dictate where the game goes now, since it’s almost a fresh start with the coaches now in the game as players.  Many of the houseguests have stated they wouldn’t give up in an endurance competition even if it meant injuring themselves, so it should be interesting to see who will really go to extremes.

Watch the rest of the competition live and be the first to know who the new HOH is on the live feeds.

**Update** Over 2 hours into the competition and Shane, Frank, Wil, Danielle, Janelle, Britney, and Ian still remain.  This is an epic endurance competition for sure!