BB14 Spoilers: POV Ceremony – Huge Backdoor Move Made!

***Warning: Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised***

As we all saw last night on the CBS show, Danielle won the endurance HOH competition and nominated Frank and Wil for eviction.  Frank was once again targeted, with the goal this week being to finally get him out of the house.  In all of this, Dan has been trying to re-gain Boogey’s trust and work with him in the game.  Boogey has been against this idea if it meant having Frank evicted.  Then last night during a meeting of all the former coaches, Boogey was able to somehow shift the target from Frank and on to Jannelle.

Boogey pointed out that if the former coaches wanted to work together, why is he the one having to sacrifice Frank who is his top ally.  He instead suggested that one of Janelle’s lower former players like Joe go out instead.  Janelle seemed flustered over this, which made Dan and Britney believe that Janelle was aiming to keep all of her people in the game for her own benefit.

All of this lead to Danielle making the decision today to use the power of veto on Wil, and put JANELLE up in his place.  This was a major unexpected move that will likely see Janelle backdoored out of the game.  Janelle was shocked over the move, and really hasn’t figured out what is going on as the claim is Danielle made the decision on her own.  This group that made the decision to backdoor Janelle are calling themselves “The Silent Six” and consist of Dan, Britney, Danielle, Shane, Ian, and Boogey.  It will be interesting to see how long THAT alliance lasts with the way this season is going. 

We are now on official “Janelle watch”…since all this craziness could cause the old Janelle to come out and go off on the whole house at any time.  Be sure to watch it all live with a free trial of the live feeds if you are not subscribed already!

  • Anonymous

    I think Danielle should have backdoor Boogie and not Janelle. He is a bigger threat, but either way Janelle or Frank need to leave the house, so it works out good for the secret six. I missed the HOH competition and nomination ceremony a couple nights ago, so this morning before heading into work at Dish, I watched it on the Hopper. I was able to skip over the commercials with the AutoHop, which was awesome because it gave me an extra 20 minutes to finish getting ready. I would much rather them vote out Frank, but if Boogie gets his way than it will be Janelle.

  • Anonymous

    correction the Silent Six is made up Dan, Danielle, Shane, Britney, Boogie and Frank, not Ian.

    Ian is is a 5-person alliance with Dan, Danielle, Shane and Britney that Boogie and Frank do not know about.

  • Big Brother Fans Blog

    Good catch. This house is so crazy sometimes even WE can’t keep up with who is aligned with who!