BB14 Live Feed Update: A New Showmance Emerges!

Just when many Big Brother fans were fearing this season was getting boring and there would be no more action after a crazy start, a new showmance began tonight that already has the houseguests talking. 

Frank and Ashley set up what sounded like a bit of a “play date” similar to the one Ian and Ashley had earlier in the season.  They basically went up to HOH and had some beer and wine, and just talked for a couple of hours.  Somewhere in all this, Frank jokingly suggested the could make out on the couch after their talk, and to Ashley’s surprise he wasn’t joking!  It didn’t take much convincing to get Ashley to join Frank on the couch, and there was a make out session going in no time!

This went on for a while, with Frank even suggesting she sneak up to his room later for some “under the covers” action.  Of course Ian was the first person to ask about what happened, but they aren’t talking about it yet.  This could hopefully make things interesting again, as it remains to be seen how everyone takes this budding showmance.  It will be especially interesting to see how Danielle reacts to the fact that Ashley got more action in 1 night than she has this entire season!  You can follow what happens next with our new showmance by getting the live feed free trial.