Spoilers: Endurance Competition Winner and New HOH is…

***Warning: Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised***

As seen on CBS, Wil was evicted from the house, and the houseguests went on to play an endurance competition that was the usual yearly competition that has the houseguest running back and forth on a slippery surface filling a jar with a ball inside.  To spice things up this year, there were also options to fill 2 smaller jars that would either give one of them safety for the week or $10,000 as voted on by fans.

The first jar filled was the one for safety which was won by Britney after a stellar performance that had many of the houseguests in awe.  Next up, it was Boogie taking the $10,000 jar.  And last but not least, Shane filled the HOH jar to become the Head of Household for the second time this season. 

Shane has been pretty buddy-buddy with many of the houseguests recently, so it to should be interesting to see if he makes a big move to take out a threat.  He is also aligned with 2 different groups, so it’s possible that one of those groups will fall apart this week.

The other big news on CBS tonight was that next week will be the big double eviction episode which will see 2 houseguests leave the house.  After the usual eviction, an entire week of Big Brother will be played in one with nominations, POV, and another eviction all in the same night.  Things are about to really get heated in the house and after next week, it will be pretty clear as to who will be battling it out at the end.