BB14 Double Eviction Results

The big double eviction night for Big Brother 14 was every bit as crazy and unpredictable as expected.  Boogey was the first evictee of the night, with the numbers not being exactly what he expected.  As he was heading out the door, Ian revealed to Boogie that he voted against him and also revealed his dirty deeds in his goodbye message.

The houseguests then moved on to the HOH competition, which was the traditional “Before and After” competition.  Ian ended up winning over Danielle in the last round, and had the duty of immediately making 2 nominations. Ian shook things up even more on this night by nominating Joe and Frank.  The POV ceremony involved the houseguests having to find 2 charms in a sea of balls before retrieving the POV.  Frank once again powered through and saved himself by winning the POV, further proving that he has multiple lives in the house.

With Frank taking himself off the block, Ian pulled his final jaw dropping move of the night by nominating Ashley in Frank’s place.  I guess as it turns out, Ian’s crush on Ashley didn’t mean as much as betraying the “Quack Pack.”  When the votes came down, Ashley ended up being the second evictee of the night. 

Double eviction was a faced paced quick decision night that has shaken up the house and revealed a lot about who stands where.  Now that Ian’s quick HOH reign is over, in our next post we will reveal who is now the current HOH since the houseguests have already played the second HOH competition of the night.