Spoilers: The HOH Following Double Eviction is…

***Warning – Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised***

As we reported earlier, the Big Brother 14 double eviction is done and Mike “Boogey” and Ashley are the casualties.  With Ian’s reign as HOH being complete after 1 night, the houseguests played their second HOH competition of the night, and the new HOH for the week is FRANK. 

Frank has been on a tear of saving himself and winning HOH’s, and this time if he hadn’t won HOH he would have almost definitely been on the block yet again.  Apparently also the HOH got to choose the one have-not for the week, and of course he chose Dan.  It appears Frank is aiming to put Dan and Danielle on the block, with Dan being his target.  Britney has talked to Frank about making a deal, but Frank has to be leery at this point after almost everyone in the house has turned on him at this point.

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