Live Feed Update: The House Explodes and Frankie Chooses to Reveal His True Identity

**Warning – this post contains spoilers**

BB16 ZachIf you watched the live feeds at all in the last day or so, you had to know the house was set to explode at any minute with Zach declaring war on Frankie and many of the others agreeing that Frankie should be the target this week.  As we reported in our Double Eviction Recap, Nicole and Christine won the HOH competition and have named their nominees for the week.  Nicole nominated Frankie and Caleb while Christine nominated Zach and Donny.  A plan was put together throughout the day yesterday that would see Caleb sit down as the Battle of the Block competition began and hence throw it so Zach and Donny could win and Frankie would be the target to be evicted this week….lets just say that plan didn’t quite work out.

Before the Battle of the Block competition, Zach had refused to talk to Frankie at all after he had talked to Nicole and learned that Frankie was behind much of the original plan to send him out this week.  Zach helped formulate the plan for Caleb to throw the “BOTB” competition as everyone pointed out to Caleb that Frankie was the one behind the lies that got Amber sent home, which of course was all Caleb needed to hear.

Apparently what went down was Caleb followed through and did indeed sit down and “throw” the BOTB competition, but somehow someway, Frankie won it BY HIMSELF.  This had to make for great TV, seeing Frankie turn around the plan and pull out a victory on his own.  Of course as the feeds came back, Zach was looking defeated as he was set to remain on the block with Donny, and Frankie was now safe for the week.

BB16 Frankie

This didn’t stop Zach from absolutely going OFF on Frankie and calling him out on his lies in front of everyone.  Even the normally quiet and passive Cody got heated as he and Zach called Frankie out on a plan to get them both on the block against each other.  Obviously feeling exposed to the entire house, Frankie decided it was time to pull the one card he had left……..the Ariana Grande card.

At first Frankie called in the guys to bedroom to drop his big “bombshell;” that being that he is a “YouTuber” and “Social Media Mogul” (bit of a stretch if you ask us) and that he was the brother of pop star Ariana Grande.  The guys seemed semi-shocked, but many of them didn’t really know who is famous sister was.  Frankie then moved on to the girls who were a bit more astounded by the news, especially Victoria because she’s an admittedly big Ariana fan.

This move was probably smart timing wise because Frankie was being exposed to the whole house at the time, and this news made at least a couple of the girls feel like they were in the house with someone “famous” and may have taken some heat off of him.

**Late night update** – we can now confirm that ZACH won the POV competition and will obviously be taking himself off the block!  This was a best case scenario for entertainment as obviously Zach will call people out and stir things up just like he did with Frankie last night.  Things are finally getting interesting in the house, and it seems like we’re finally getting some “must-see” feed action for the first time this season.  Here’s to hoping the drama keeps up with both Frankie AND Zach safe this week!